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Finding Dory Cake Decoration

Who can't remember Finding Nemo... (Recipe from Amie from Whipped Cake Co.)

1 cake

More experience and time required 60 Minutes



for the recipe Finding Dory Cake Decoration

For the cake decoration:

Dr. Oetker Ready Rolled Icing White
Dr. Oetker Ready to Roll Icing Blue
Dr. Oetker Ready to Roll Icing Pink
Dr. Oetker Ready to Roll Icing Green
Dr. Oetker Ready to Roll Icing Coloured
some Queen Glucose Syrup
Dr. Oetker Writing Icing Brights
Dr. Oetker Sour Strands
Queen Food Colour Gel Black




For the cake decoration:

For the cake decoration:

Use the sugar syrup to lightly coat your cake. Place the White Ready Rolled Icing disc on top of your cake making sure it is centred. Use your hands to open out the folds and smooth down with your hands.


Use fondant smoothers to smooth out the marks in the fondant and to secure the fondant to the cake. Trim the excess fondant off the cake.


Mix some Blue Ready to Roll Icing with White Ready to Roll Icing to create a light blue colour. Roll fondant out thin and cut a long strip that fits around the cake. Using a sharp knife, make a wave effect at the top of the strip and attach the strip to the top of the cake with edible glue. Repeat this step with 3 other shades of blue being sure to increase the brightness of the blue as you make your way down the cake.


Cut a fish shape like on the picture using Blue Ready to Roll for the body of Dory and attach a skewer through the bottom. Make an indent for her smile dimple and eye. Roll a small piece of Blue Ready to Roll and wrap around the eye as an eyebrow. Roll a thin piece of blue fondant and cut out strips for the top and bottom fins. Use a knife to indent marks into the fondant and attach using edible glue. Roll a ball of White Ready to Roll for the eye and paint her iris and pupil.


Cut a yellow tail out of Yellow Ready to Roll and use a knife to make indents in the tail. Use Black Gel Food Colour, paint Dory’s black detailing on her body and yellow tail. Make a side fin out of blue and yellow fondant using a knife to make indents. Paint black detailing.


Roll a long piece of yellow fondant. Using the balling tool, make a deep indent into the top.


Create two ovals out of green fondant and stick them together using edible glue. Using a pointed object make dots on the coral.


Cut a star out of red fondant and slightly pinch each point. Using a pointed object make dots in the star.


Cut out a jelly fish shaped object out of pink fondant with a knife. Roll two eyes out of white fondant and paint black eye balls. Use a pointed object to give the jelly fish dimples and indent a smaile with a curved tool. Roll two ears out of pink fondant and indent with a balling tool.


Spread some brown sugar down as sand and apply all the decorations to the cake with edible glue. Use Dr Oetker Writing Icings to pipe more coral in all different forms. Spread some Sour Strands around in the sand to finish it off!