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Sunshine and Rainbow Cupcake Toppers

Tutorial by Lisa from Sweet Magazine

1 cupcake

Some practice required 20 Minutes



for the recipe Sunshine and Rainbow Cupcake Toppers

For the Cupcake Toppers:

Dr. Oetker Ready to Roll Icing White
Dr. Oetker Ready to Roll Icing Coloured , Red and Yellow
Dr. Oetker Ready to Roll Icing Green
Dr. Oetker Ready to Roll Icing Blue
scalloped cutter
mini blossom cutter
blossom cutter
small round cutter or piping tube




We made our pre coloured Dr Oetker Ready to Roll Icing a little less bold by mixing with a little white fondant. You'll need blue, green, yellow, orange, and red fondant. Mix your own orange fondant using equal parts red and yellow. Start by rolling your blue fondant into a log about 3mm thick, gently shape around a straw.


Roll green fondant into a log about 3mm thick. Lightly dampen the blue fondant with a little water, and leaving the straw in place, wrap the green around the blue fondant. Repeat with all of your colours, and trim the uneven edges.


Cut a small amount of each end of your rainbow away using a mini blossom cutter. Roll some white fondant to about 4mm thick, and for each rainbow cut two white blossoms. Soften the edges of the blossoms with your finger to create clouds.


Roll some light blue fondant, made by mixing two parts white fondant to one part blue fondant, to about 3mm thick and cut with a scalloped cutter to create a base for your cupcake topper. Dampen the back of your rainbow and stick in place on your fondant topper, add the clouds and leave to set slightly before adding to the top of your freshly iced cupcake.


To make sunshine toppers, roll some white and yellow fondant to about 2mm thick. Cut a blossom shape from the white fondant. Use the same scalloped cutter used to cut the topper base to cut away some of the white blossom shape. This will create a cloud the same shape as your topper base. Use a little water to stick the cloud in place on your base.


Cut a small circle of pale yellow to create your sun. Use the same cutter you created your cloud with to cut the edge off your sun, this will ensure it's the perfect shape to peak out from behind your cloud. Use a small amount of water to stick the sun in place on your base.


Cut strips of pale yellow into small rectangles about 1cm long.


Add your rays of sunshine using a little water, and allow to dry slightly before adding to the top of your freshly iced cupcakes!